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Glitter Trash

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This is a community for all you:
Fabulous Glitter-Candy-Coated-Pixie-Goths.
Also for those suffering or recovering from an E.D./S.I.
Pro-Ana Pro-Mia Pro-S.I. Pro-Drug use Pro-Sexuality
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This community is also Friends Only! We don't need to deal with ignorance...we have enough problems, so dont bother joining or commenting if you do not have an E.D., any of the related issues, or anything nice to say.

Do Not Join this community if you plan on trying to "become anorexic" just to fit into those jeans you bought that were 3 sizes too small. Or the thought of gaining attention by it. Its not a fucking game, there is no off switch.

MOD- razor_fellatio
Co-MOD- mute_orgasm
join craving_perfect

Now I know that I am forever dirt .:.:.:.:.:.

( Racism / Homophobia / Pictures of; or related to animal cuelty ) Will NOT be tolerated...Fucker :D