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For the Ana's:

Omg! Happy Newyrs ladies! I got so drunk friday night, it was insane...
I didnt eat friday or saturday, and i got bitched at hardcore for it, wich sucks because friends are supposed to support you.
I got called an Anorexic by a man that weighs less then I...Kinda funny I geuss.
I've found that Ritalin is the way to go. Now I am NOT saying to do a shit load and O.D. just so you miss out on a days of food.
I sugest 1/2 of a pill, maybe a whole one every day is good for you.
I also drink a glass of Orange Juice to boast my metabolism a bit.
I am starting a new fast this week, its going to be fun and simple.
Take care everyone and remain strong! <3

I got a new tattoo, it looks fresh :)
I will find a centre in you, I will chew it up and leave ;)
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